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Life is a Game :- Game of life

Life is a game. we all play game of life to gain fame. we come onto this world, play our roles, and leave this world. No one is immortal, the one who takes birth has to die one day. Let's take it another step.
Game of life

What does Life is a Game means(Game of life)

It is a bit complex to understand, every person in this world performing different tasks, some may be the same or different.

If one wants to correlate life with a game either computer, mobile, or games including physical activity like cricket, badminton, football, kite flying, etc will be able to find the way.

Every game has some defined set of rules and regulations similarly game of life too have rules. People engaged in their goal achieving path are too bounded by rules. But the difference is that many of these rules are self-made. we bind ourselves into our own thoughts or views related to any object, person, place, relationships, or anything else which forces us to conserve our living, and thus they lead to rules for the game of life. 

As in a game we are not allowed or cannot do certain moves similarly our lives also has certain boundations. Boundations of society, parents, teachers, partner, etc, through whom we had to crave our path to the future.

Yes future,  you might be thinking why I haven't written success.
Let me explain. We all have goals in our life, those small goals after achieving whom we get our ultimate goal. I think I might not be wrong if I say all of us are not able to achieve our ensuing goal and settles down with smaller grail.

Relating to a game, as it has different levels, passing each level brings us a step closer to the final win. Every small win count.
The final stage of a game can be related to the final goal of our life and different stages to the hurdles that come in our path to success.
Game of life simulation is in the hands of our brain whose power is still undiscovered. 

Have you played a game named Ludo? Ahh its quite an interesting game isn't it. One thing that I have learned from ludo is that till the last moment no one decides who is going to win or lose. Similarly, life is too unpredictable. only we can do is karma and rest will followup automatically.

Is life just a game..

Hmm in some aspects we say and in some other we can't. We can only correlate it with a game. Life is an unsolved mystery over the past years. It might seem that it is just a word composed of  5 alphabets but its definitions are the same as countless stars in the beautiful sky.

Some definitions of life.

Hindus define life-
"To achieve Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha"

Muslims define life-"The cognizance of order, coherence, and purpose in one's existence, the pursuit and attainment of worthwhile goals, and an accompanying sense of fulfillment."

Christians say that life is action, faith, belief, and relationships.

Different people different views which would make you confuse.
Ha ha ha.. I apologize I am not good at rhyme. Everybody has a different point of view, how we see towards life can be different.

But there is a big difference between the game of life and other games. In games, after death, you can restart by clicking on the restart button. But there is no restart button in the game of life.
Although you get many opportunities, but not for what you were behind. Life gives you a chance only one time, it's your luck if life gives you another chance. In game of life death means game over. So play this game wisely.

Lastly, I will only say that "no life no game". Stay safe. Peace!

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